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Active IP Sensor


Tested Environments:

o    Windows 7 Home/Professional

o   Windows Server 2008

o   Windows Vista

o   Windows Server 2003

o   Windows XP Home/Professional

o   Windows Advanced Server 2003

o   Windows 2000 Professional

o   Linux 2.4.21-4.EL




Release History:

V4.3.0 (20-Nov-2010)

o  IPSensorProxy (2.4.4).

o  New Installer.

V3.7.5 (18-May-2010

o  New IPSensorProxy (2.3.1).

o  New Scheduler UI.

o  New Reset Thread function.

o  Misc bug fixes and enhancements.

V3.6.8 (02-Jan-2010)

o  New IPSensorProxy (2.1.2).

o  Double-buffered client views.

o  Improved node properties.

o  Cleared bug list.

V2.9.4 (30-May-2009)

o  Re-wrote node refresh again.

o  Better node properties.

V2.7.8 (29-Mar-2009)

o  Pause the sensor while right clicking a node on the tree view

o  Don`t reap nodes below the PID node in the tree view during refresh

V2.7.7 (07-May-2007)

o  Active IP Sensor Proxy.

o  MDI parent with detachable child sensors.

o  >1.7.4 is a complete re-write.

V1.7.4 (07-May-2007)

o  Added Unattended Data Collection mode.

o  Fixed many bugs while recording/listening to history files.

o  Active IP Sensor has surpassed Remote Batch Copy as Morning Glory Technologies Most Downloaded Product.

V1.5.3 (04-Mar-2007)

o  All messages are now thru an asynchronous RTF stream (no more message forms or Command boxes). More importantly, processes that emit asynchronous text streams are buffered much more reliably thru the RTF stream then before.

o  Better asynchronous stream management.

V1.4.7 (02-Mar-2007)

o  Flush file I/O before writing headers/delta. This seems to have fixed many intermittent anomalies while listening to Snapshot mode recordings.

o  Web Help brought the user to Remote Batch Copy support page.

V1.4.6 (01-Mar-2007)

o  Record/Open Active IP Sensor background colors.

V1.4.5 (23-Feb-2007)

o  Only save samples in history files if they have changed from the previous.

o  Make IP Tree code more self-contained. It will be used later.

V1.0.0 (28-Jan-2007)

o  Initial Check in.



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