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Jeffrey J. Martin
Vancouver, WA
(425) 442-6469




Insitu, Vancouver, WA           

.Net Developer

o  4.5, C#, Entity Framework, MVC, SQL Stored procedures, JavaScript, Angular, JQuery, Web applications

o  Assigned Priority 1 bugs troubleshooting several in house applications implemented using Web Forms written in C#, ajax toolkit, Telerik Grids and SQL Server stored procedures.

o  Developer on a team that created a MVC web app composed of Angular controllers and UI components using JavaScript and C#.


Holland Partner Group

Holland Partner Group, Vancouver, WA

Software Engineer

o  Building Federation authenticated Web Apps, UIs, Cloud Services and APIs in Azure using C# and MVC.

o  Building SQL Server models (schema) and infrastructure (stored procedures, views, SSIS and Power BI) for OLTP databases and warehouses in Azure.

o  Building LightSwitch SharePoint enabled apps with table and view level security using C# and javascript.

o  SSRS developer. Embedded a Report Viewer control in ASPX and passed it report definitions and filters in C# code behind.

o  USQL developer generating scripts from a template and submitting them to the lake via Http triggered Azure functions in order to grow histories for an Enterprise Data Warehouse. 


Intel Corp, Hillsboro, OR

Software Engineer

o  WCF Services developer building streaming services for data virtualization projects in C#.

o  Developed custom JSON/XML stream serializers in order to multi-thread proprietary formats in WCF functions.

o  SQL Server / Teradata modeler and developer creating sprocs, triggers and views..

o  ASP.Net Dynamic Data developer creating web applications using C#,  jscript, jquery and custom UI components.

o  SSIS developer building ETL services that synchronize CRM data stores.

o  Building enhanced security enabled applications for Android using Eclipse, C, Java (JNI)

o  Database modeler for SGX enabled applications in SQLite.


Dell, Portland, OR

Software Engineer

o  Building configuration and monitoring tools for Fluid Cache disk caching system using linux libraries, gcc (portable C), gdb.

o  Built a Text UI for initializing vCenter VSAs and Fluid Cache appliances using Python.

o  Porting Linux user/kernel code in C to Windows for Fluid Cache.

Alstom Grid

Alstom Grid, Redmond, WA 

Software Engineer

o  C# Developer supporting enhancements and bug fixes for Alstom's  OpenPDC real time data concentrator.

o  Completed Alsom's ISD Adapter for openPDC that allows C37  Syncrophasor streams to enter existing SCADA data streams.

o  Asp.Net/Silverlight maintenance programmer for OpenPDC manager applications.

o  Completed SQLServer scripts that facilitate C37 modeling.

o  Created C37 Streamer, a C# socket listener/sender that can be used as a C37 stream repeater or data source.

Western Electric Coordinating Council, Vancouver, WA

Application Analyst

o  C# Developer creating tools and applications in support of the Western Electric Coordinating Council’s Wide Area Situational Awareness Syncrophasor initiative.  C# applications concentrate hundreds of streaming UDP sockets into time sequenced output frames for further distribution.

o  SQLServer modeler creating schema and clients for reporting warehouses based on large real time datasets.

o  Developer creating OSISoft Pi extensions in C# for real time operators.

UW-MCIS HL7 Interface Team


UW Medical Centers (Staff)

Senior Computer Specialist

o  SQLServer 2010 developer creating scripts, stored procedures and Integration Services in support of Patient Financial System warehouses.

o  Maintenance programmer supporting Reg/ADT applications at Harborview and UW Medical centers.  Application consists of a redundant database store and several client expressions running in Linux. Maintenance environment includes SQL embedded in C, ksh and Perl scripting.

o  On call application / interface support. Troubleshooting HL7 interfaces given in C socket servers and various scheduled data transfers and loads in a 7/24 production setting.

Openet, Inc

Senior Software Engineer

o  Developer enacting releases and issue resolutions for FusionWorks Billing Mediation product family.

o  Optimized standard PL/SQL reporting packages increasing runtime performance from nearly 24 hours to completion to under an hour.

o  Java developer creating Management Beans intended to provide run time control for real time data acquisition modules.


./T-Mobile logo

Retail Finance Channel Operations and Reporting


o  Database Modeling and Programming Services to design, build and implement T-Mobile`s Retail Activity and Labor Hours Forecasting, Allocation and Security Model. Implementation Involved SQLServer infrastructure to efficiently grow and abstract a past Retail Channel Activity Archive, forecast future retail activities and predicted labor hours budget allocations and dynamically build a series of pre-aggregated reporting views for a Crystal Reports Web Server.

o  Solution Provider Created Retail Finance Labor Model Security methods and implementations.

o  Designed and built Retail Finance Analyst Tools and associated DTS framework.

o  Designed and built Retail Finance Labor Model Mailer used to embed URLs in a source image within Email messages. The mailer provides custom STMP handshaking settings specified at runtime that adjusts message connection densities and retries according to real time network and STMP server environments. Build using VB6 and SMTP protocol commands thru Winsock.

o  Designed and built a PowerPoint tool that mines Presentations for specific Slides and then adds them to a new Presentation made from a template. This allowed quick changes to a set of PowerPoint Presentations Slide hierarchies using a mapping mechanism. Delivered fully tested and accepted solution under tight timelines in order to maximize cost savings.


Boeing Commercial Aircraft


Reliability, Maintenance and Configuration System


o  Database Development Services to create XML SPEC2000 messaging infrastructure for an Aircraft Identification and Statistics database and associated client interactions and reports. Data store provides reliability information on all known commercial aircraft. Development environment is VB6 and ODBC into a Teradata warehouse and XML Spy.

Maintenance Programming enacting releases for production RMCS application. Build a Teradata macro that presents groups of data and their corresponding pivot columns in static sized rows. Used to dynamically create client pivot tables with hundreds of columns from the database using fixed sized rows and static, stored SQL.


Morning Glory Technologies


o  Product Development Created Active IP Sensor that captures IP port connections in real time as they are formed, progress and retire on remote desktops and displays them in a dynamic tree view that shows their state hierarchy.

o  Created Remote Batch Copy. A remote file Gather/Scatter utility that automates batch copies from multiple sources and destinations on thousands of networks thru out the world.

o  Created Log Dispatcher A Real Time Event Driven Network Node.

Real Time Collaboration


o  Application Development Services building infrastructure for RTC Operations using .NET, C#, IIS, SOAP and SQL Server technologies.



o  Data Analysis Services identifying relationships and reporting requirements across several data warehouses. Data describes cell site equipment and configurations throughout the customer base in the Americas. Analysis involves characterizing datasets and their relationships and validating process flows that affect them. Data is contained in Oracle 8i/9i and SQLServer 2000 warehouses. Analysis tools include PL/SQL, DTS, VB, Access, Excel

Philips Medical Systems


o  Database Modeler building acquisition and warehousing schema to support views of critical business operating metrics for senior management.

o  Database Programming Design and implement a series of PL/SQL packages and procedures that acquire data from operational sources and populate Business Object universes used to monitor financial performance. Views for business metrics are materialized from staged snapshots, external tables and historical datasets merged via scheduled PL/SQL server code.

o  Deployment Engineering Services Created a database deployment package that builds schema and stores database code from a list of dependant installation sources. Implemented using Perl and KSH scripting, SQL*Loader and SQL*Plus.

o  Maintenance Programming Services for Priority 1 and 2 system acceptance discrepancies related to an Enterprise Information System data warehouse. EIS is comprised of an Access front end that assembles ODBC pass-thru queries destined for an Oracle9i aggregated from SAP 4.6c. Maintenance activities involve correcting embedded SQL in Access VBA modules, editing ETL processes on the various servers and implementing new functions appropriate for Oracle 9i and EIS.

EMS-DMS Support Team


o  Maintenance Programming Services assigned to resolve a long-standing bug in real time SCADA user library that caused spontaneous server exits. Anomaly precluded SCADA writes after system fail over. Developed in MSVC++ and AREVA HabConnect API.

o  Source Control Systems Engineering to build and implement PSE Systems, Releases and Items Source Control Tracking System based upon VSS and VB.

o  Applications Development Services to develop a document locking and monitoring facility that merges passages from several documents into a Power Dispatchers Daily Log. Facility forms a legal chronology of power system control activities. Built using VB, MS-Access and MS-Word libraries. Instrumented using WINSOCK for remote management functions. Housed in Windows Clustering failover mechanism.

o  Real Time Systems Engineering Services to develop an interface that repeats data across selected points from OSISoft`s Pi archive into a Caminus ACES Oracle schema. Interface conveys energy schedules and SCADA values from throughout the Western US. Written in VB6 using ADO, PL/SQL and Pi API.

o  Windows System Programming to create a Windows Service that buffers Oracle 8i DBMS_ALERTS against an outbound FTP control using VB and Winsock API. Service provides a data feed into corporate HQ from the operations center and supports online status reporting and real time error recovery

o Application Programming Services to develop a System Operator Scheduling tool using Excel 97/2000 and VBA User forms.

o Visual Basic Programming clearing discrepancy lists during system testing. Projects enable user developed COM objects and ADO expressed in VB in order to implement an Energy Distribution Management System.

Research & Development – Core Infrastructure


o  Maintenance Programming Services supporting e-terraarchive suite. Product provides a distributed general-purpose tool for scheduling data transfers from real time SCADA systems to Oracle or SQL Server. Development environment included WIN32/Unix ODBC, C++, VBA, JSP


o  Network Server Development creating multiple IP services used to capture and log events for election auditing and certification. Developed a suite of Linux servers that accommodate simultaneous streams from several thousand concurrent UDP, TCP and AF_UNIX clients for VES 3.0 Platinum Release. Package supports discrete data providers and consumers isolated from network latencies through asynchronous read/write buffers on each server.

o  Delivered a set of management and monitor tools that report real time statistics on each server via a local utility or TCP queries. Written in c/C++, perl

UW-MCIS HL7 Interface Team


o  Network Programming creating TCP socket servers and clients used to distribute database events and provide user access. Implemented using c, UNIX socket/IPC libraries, KSH shell scripting, awk, and perl.

o  Code Conversion Services Migrating over 1000 database objects comprised of embedded SQL C modules, Ingres 4GL frames, HL7 interfaces objects and stored procedures from 32-Bit Dynix/Ulrix hosts to 64-Bit Dec Alpha. Each module required some degree of re-write to account for host architecture differences, and added functional enhancements. Codeset formed the primary application for a 5000+-user community

o  Network Server Programming Services for a messaging server that gathers qualified database events in real time for routing. Routing protocol includes HL7 message population from the database using dynamic selects. Server provides a mechanism to share selected data in near real time. Written using embedded SQL in C and KSH scripting, AWK.

o  VB6 Programming developing front-end database applications using ADO to get data and COM/ActiveX components to present results and actions for the user. Built a VB6 front end that tracks new users in an enterprise wide EPIC registration database. Created a VB class that populates an embedded Excel worksheet in an OLE container control from the database using ADO.

o  Network Maintenance Programming for a terminal / application gateway that serves remote telnet clients. Project included a set of telnetd servers that provide custom HP block mode terminal emulation. Gateway was created with instrumentation around critical data paths queried asynchronously for real time status reporting. Written in C and KSH and implemented using DEC ALPHA socket API under OSF UNIX

Western Wireless Amdocs


o  Billing Systems Analysis for creating Oracle extracts from extremely large AMDOCS call record datasets that describe call center and usage activity. Developed several reports that provide production views of customer service and usage data for business analysis and accounting. All queries needed to be optimized and enhanced in creative ways in order to gather all the data in the required time. Built using PL/SQL embedded in HPUX shell scripts and PRO*C under Oracle 8i

Real Time System Operations


o  Applications Development Services providing software solutions in support of Puget Sound Energy`s 3-tier Power Distribution Management System comprising a real time data collection component linked to an analysis and display database distributed over heterogeneous networks.

o  Developed an analysis suite that assists DMS support engineers validate the interaction between real time Energy Distribution modeling and Ingres historical databases.

o  Extended the system operator shift-scheduling tool to include several custom sort algorithms.

o  Real Time Systems Support Services for 7x24 on-call troubleshooting supporting real time power system operations

Alliant Techsystems

NUWC, Keyport



o  Real Time Programming Services to develop real time data collection and transfer systems involving a wide range of hardware platforms and operating environments. Wrote a device driver that provides support for a custom VME bus interface installed on a Concurrent Computer multi-processor system.

o  Designed an API that permits engineers to merge IRIG time and raw data packets in real time applications. API included specialized device interfaces and diagnostic utilities. Written in C under SYS V UNIX, code was used to form modules for virtual laboratory instruments in data acquisition environments.

o  Developed Interrupt/DMA service routines necessary to transfer asynchronous buffers from Q and UNIBUS hosted adapters. Written in PDP-11 assembler and Fortran.

o  Data Acquisition Systems Engineering to develop and implement hardware and software components necessary to convert Navy Universal Digital Data System and MK-48 vehicle data acquisition systems from custom hardware systems to commercial PC based, resulting in more cost effective maintenance, procurement and portability. The system delivered a user interface that enabled operators to configure and monitor the transfer, perform hardware self checks and finally post the captured data to analysis workstations on the LAN. Written in C/8086 assembler

Call Center Tracking System (CATS)


o  Maintenance Programming Services to develop and implement over 60 VB modules in order to migrate a host based Oracle Forms 3.0 interface to a NT client application. Created using custom classes derived from Oracle Objects for OLE for the client connection and stored PL-SQL packages to implement the server code.

o  Oracle Forms Programming Services to support Call Center data warehouses used to consolidate five discrete databases.

o  Systems Programming Services to develop data acquisition software used to collect real time call center statistics from telephony hardware (Nortel DMS-100 / 5ESS). Identified, developed and implemented modifications to PRO*C socket servers that enhance their resiliency towards system failures.

o  AA Degree, Computer Science (Dean’s List), Owens Technical College, Oregon, OH.

  • Emphasis on FORTRAN, Assembler and Structured analysis and design.

o  Advanced Electronics, Advanced Electronics Program, Sonar Technician First Class (E6), US Navy.