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Active IP Sensor (v4.0) Installation Instructions


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A trial version of Active IP Sensor is available for free download. It lacks the ability to configure filters and alarms or to save and recall projects. It does not contain a client suitable for enterprise operations and can only really be used as a limited monitoring (Administrators) client.


It does include a complete IP Sensor Proxy (IPSensorProxy.exe) with the Administrators client (ActiveIPSensor.exe) capable of creating and listening to any number of remote or local clients. The Administrators client provides many node properties and limited real time reporting enabling an excellent inspection tool for local workstations only.


The trial version expires after 30 days. Please read the End User License and Agreement for important restrictions that apply to the Active IP Sensor Trial Version.


o   Download 4.3 from Morning Glory Technologies.


o   Unzip in a temporary folder on your PC.

o   The archive should contain the following files:


o   Run setup.exe from the list of files unzipped in your temporary folder.

Setting Permissions

Running setup.exe from the archive rather than installing ActiveIPSensor.msi directly ensures that the correct Windows Installer for your environment is used. Active IP Sensor must be installed using the workstations Administrator Account. Users belonging to the Administrators group can run Active IP Sensor after it`s installed by ensuring that they are granted Full Control permissions for both ActiveIPSensor.exe and IPSensorProxy.exe:


Troubleshooting Tips

Active IP Sensor Trial Version has been successfully installed and tested in the following environments:

o   Windows 7 Home/Professional

o   Windows Server 2008

o   Windows Vista

o   Windows Server 2003

o   Windows XP Home/Professional

o   Windows 2003 Advanced Server

o   Windows 2000 Professional

o   Linux 2.4.21-4.EL

Active IP Sensor Trial Version requires that the installation folder and all files and sub-folders be granted full permissions to whatever user group or role might run it. The Administrator should install Active IP Sensor Trial Version. If the parent MDI form starts but no sensors can be opened for non-Administrator users, try installing Active IP Sensor Trial Version in a location and folder other than the Windows Program Files special folders. This particular anomaly has been resolved in the past simply by re-installing Active IP Sensor Trial Version in a user folder and not the Program Files system folder.

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